Electronic fare

TriMet plans to phase out most non-Hop paper and mobile tickets and passes by Dec. 31, 2019


Hop Fastpass® provides benefits over old-style paper tickets, including earned month passes without the upfront cost, easy reload options and lost-card protection TriMet encourages riders to make the switch to Hop Fastpass® as we plan to no longer accept most non-Hop tickets after Dec. 31, 2019. That includes unvalidated 7-, 14- and 30-day passes; unvalidated, […]

Major retailers continue selling paper tickets as Hop Fastpass™ rollout continues


Learn about the ease and benefits that come with switching to Hop Major retail outlets that sell TriMet fares will continue to sell traditional paper tickets and passes into the summer as TriMet increases the marketing and education about Hop Fastpass™ transit fare cards. We heard from riders who are unclear about Hop and how […]

Hop on board with Hop Fastpass™ as retailer sales shift to electronic fare only


Hop system catching on with more than 2.2 million taps since July 2017 As TriMet and our partners continue to rollout the Hop Fastpass™ electronic fare system, making it easier and more beneficial for ours riders, retailers will shift to selling Hop cards only. TriMet has grown its network of retail outlets that sell transit […]