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TriMet shines a disinfecting light on germs as part of our high-level cleaning


New program introduces ultraviolet lamps, known to inactivate deadly germs Circled around a gleaming metallic cylinder, long tubes burst to life with the press of a button. When glowing blue, these tubes are transmitting a wavelength of light with the power to destroy dangerous pathogens. TriMet is beginning to use these germ-killing ultraviolet lamps—also known […]

(Video) Mentorship ‘never ends’ for TriMet rail training supervisor and the operator he once coached


More than decade after meeting on a middle school basketball court, a coach and player reunite as colleagues As he stepped through the doors of the Beaverton Transit Center breakroom, TriMet Rail Training Supervisor Anthony Herring stopped in his tracks and did a double-take. At the table in front of him, calmly eating his lunch, […]

VIDEO: Mount Hood Community College students’ TriMet tour sparks interest in transit engineering


Students step out of the classroom and into Ruby Junction Rail Operations Facility to experience an up-close view of how engineering drives transit Transit systems don’t simply sprout up all on their own. They’re cultivated over time, with care and attention coming from people with the technical expertise and vision to keep buses and trains […]