(VIDEO) TriMet riders to begin using a new type of bus station along Division Street


New bus station platforms on Division at 82nd, 93rd and 122nd will open to Line 2 riders on Sunday, June 12, with connections to MAX Green Line

Riders on TriMet’s Line 2-Division will begin using more select Division Transit Project bus stations on Sunday, June 12. These stations are located on SE Division Street at 82nd Avenue westbound and eastbound, 93rd Avenue westbound and eastbound and 122nd Avenue westbound and eastbound. The 93rd stations provide connections to MAX Green Line for trips to Clackamas, Downtown Portland and other destinations.

The Division Transit Project lays the foundation for our new type of bus service—TriMet FX™ or Frequent Express—that will begin running on Sunday, Sept. 18. We’re opening these stations early to benefit Line 2 riders and improve access to safer crossings for all users.

Using the new stations

Shared bike and pedestrian design

TriMet’s shared bike and pedestrian bus stop station design for the Division Transit Project

The stations on SE Division at 93rd Avenue, both westbound and eastbound, and the westbound station at 122nd Avenue use the shared bike and pedestrian design. Line 2 riders have been using this type of station at 130th and 135th avenues since March 2021. We also opened this station type at 112th Avenue in February 2022. Cyclists, bus riders and people passing by share the space, with the bike lane near the front of the platform where the buses stop. Cyclists are required to stop when approaching the station at the “wait here” marking when a bus is stopped so riders can board or exit the bus.

Island design

TriMet’s island bus stop station design for the Division Transit Project

The stations at 82nd Avenue westbound and eastbound and at 122nd eastbound use the island design. For this station type, riders should wait on the station platform for the bus to arrive. A green bike lane is located behind the station platform. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians at the two marked crossings when bicycling though the station area.

Finishing Project Construction

Station amenities, including shelters with seating, digital information displays and trashcans are in place each station. TransitTracker™ will be turned on when FX service begins in September.

Crews are completing Division Transit Project construction through the summer, including installing electrical components, station lighting, shelter glass and railing at some locations. Access to some station platforms may be temporarily limited during this work.

“Division Transit Project construction is winding down, paving the way for FX2-Division to open in September,” said Division Transit Project Project Manager Michael Kiser. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as we finish the work to bring better service to the Division Street corridor.”

TriMet’s standard 40-foot buses will serve the stations until FX2-Division service begins in September. It will run between Downtown Portland and Gresham as we retire the current Line 2. 

Learn more about Division Transit Project’s four station types here.


TriMet will use 60-foot, articulated buses for FX2-Division service

Our first FX bus line will roll into service on Sunday, Sept. 18. It will feature longer buses with 60% more room on board, 20% faster ride time between Gresham and Downtown Portland and improvements like special signals, signs and lane striping that give buses an advantage in traffic. FX2-Division buses will arrive every 12 minutes during peak travel times.

Get in the driver seat

Bus operator Niktani Somilleda

If you’ve ever dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of one of our big, new, FX articulated buses, an electric bus or one of the 700 workhorse buses that serve our riders daily, join our team and put yourself in the driver’s seat!

We’re currently hiring bus operators who will help drive our future. New operators earn $25.24 an hour to start and are eligible for a $7,500 bonus, in addition to benefits like health, dental and vision plans with low- to no-cost, a 401a retirement plan with an 8% employer contribution and up to $25,000 in life insurance for full-time operators, provided by TriMet. Plus, you’ll gain the satisfaction and stability of working for TriMet, a public agency, which has been serving the greater Portland area for more than 50 years! Visit trimet.org/drive to learn more and apply today!