New TriMet bus lines and better connections rolling into service March 4


March service improvements include new service and route adjustments to better connect riders with employment, education, community services

New bus service and better access to the region’s employment corridors are ahead as TriMet rolls out improvements for spring 2018. We’re adding three new bus lines, adjusting three routes and adding service on some other lines to help people get where they need to go while improving the efficiency and reliability of TriMet’s bus service. These changes reflect our commitment to a 10-year expansion of service that aligns with the region’s projected growth and efforts to ease traffic congestion.

TriMet’s spring service begins on March 4. Plan ahead using the Trip Planner available at

New service

Line 74-162nd Avenue

Line 74-162nd Avenue provides a new option for north-south trips and allows for better connections to current bus lines. The route travels the length of 162nd Avenue between SE Powell Boulevard and NE Airport Way, and serves the employment-rich Columbia Corridor. Service runs about every 30-35 minutes, Monday through Friday, with the first trip north to Airport Way at 7:00 a.m. and the last trip south to SE 182nd Avenue at 7:21 p.m.

Line 42-Denney/Hall

This line will provide new service between Tigard Transit Center, Washington Square and Beaverton Transit Center. It allows connections to MAX Blue and Red lines at Beaverton Transit Center. The route brings new bus service to portions of SW Denney Road and SW Hall Boulevard. Service runs about every 30-35 minutes, Monday through Friday, with the first trip north to Beaverton at 6:14 a.m. and the last trip south to Tigard at 6:24 p.m.

Line 82-South Gresham

Line 82-South Gresham is a new line that covers a portion of the former Line 87-Airport Way/181st route and connects to grocery stores, other shopping outlets and bus service in east Gresham. Service runs about every 40-45 minutes, Monday through Friday, with the first trip east to Gresham at 6:11 a.m. and the last trip west to SE 182nd Avenue at 7:07 p.m.

Better service

Line 87-Airport Way/181st

The Line 87 will now run all trips between Gateway Transit Center and SE 182nd Avenue & Powell Boulevard, with weekend service added.

Line 81-Kane/257th

Line 81 gets a new route. The line will run along Division Street and 257th Avenue to provide quicker connections to Mount Hood Community College, the Troutdale Airport Business Park, and major employers like FedEx and Amazon.

Line 152-Milwaukie

The new route for Line 152-Milwaukie moves service from Lake Road to SE Harmony Road to provide a quicker trip to International Way and service to Clackamas Community College Harmony Campus. Frequency will increase, with peak service running about every 30 minutes.

MAX Red Line

We’re adding later trips to Portland International Airport (PDX) and with that comes a more convenient connection to work and travel. The last train from Beaverton Town Center to PDX will now leave Beaverton about half an hour later, at 10:41 p.m. The last train from PDX to Hillsboro will now leave the airport about half an hour later, at 12:18 a.m. We are also adding new trips from Rose Quarter TC to the airport and trips from the airport to Gateway TC, continuing to Ruby Junction. See full schedule here.

More service improvements

Adjustments to the following bus lines help improve connections, ease transfers, better match traffic conditions or add capacity to meet rider demand.

  • Line 1-Vermont – Added service in the morning and evening to better match ridership
  • Line 10-Harold St – Added service in the morning and evening to better match ridership
  • Line 20-Burnside/Stark – New stop location at Gresham Transit Center
  • Line 33-McLoughlin/King Rd – Schedule change to reduce wait and transfer times
  • Line 45-Garden Home – Schedule change to better match traffic conditions
  • Line 52-Farmington/185th – New stop location at Beaverton Transit Center
  • Line 71-60th Ave – More morning and afternoon service to meet rider demand

Improving the ride

As part of our commitment to better bus service, we’re also improving the ride. Since 2012, TriMet has added 512 new buses, reducing the average age of our fleet to about seven years. Newer buses improve reliability, use cleaner-burning fuel technologies that reduce carbon emissions and make for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.