Transit Police Division

Share your thoughts on reimagining public safety and security on transit


Virtual listening sessions in English and Spanish as well as online survey help inform changes in TriMet’s safety efforts As part of TriMet’s efforts to reimagine public safety and security on our transit system, we are inviting the public to join us at a virtual listening session. The events, one in English and one in […]

Comparta sus ideas para re-imaginar la seguridad pública en el transporte publico


Sesiones de consulta virtuales en inglés y español, así como encuestas en línea ayudan a informar los cambios en los esfuerzos de seguridad de TriMet Como parte de los esfuerzos de TriMet para re-imaginar la seguridad pública en nuestro sistema de transporte público, estamos invitando al público a acompañarnos en una sesión de consulta virtual. […]

TriMet reallocates $1.8 million in funding from Transit Police and additional sources to community-based services that preserve public safety


Hearing community’s concerns, TriMet shifts security funding to community-based public safety services to keep riders and employees safe TriMet shares the outrage, frustration and pain over the recent tragic and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson and Ahmaud Arbery. Their deaths and those of too many others lost to unconscionable violence, magnify […]