With reduced fare, you could ride TriMet for a month, for less than the cost of a tank of gas. See if you qualify and start saving today!


Since 2018, more than 60,000 people have signed up for our reduced Honored Citizen fare based on income, and we’ve expanded ways to qualify to include active duty military and veterans, as well as people 65+, on Medicare or experiencing a disability

Are you living on a low income? Serving in the U.S. military or a veteran in good standing? Are you 65 or older, on Medicare or experiencing a disability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be riding TriMet for less — much less. That’s because you qualify for our Honored Citizen reduced fare.

For years, we’ve made this cost-saving benefit available to adults over 65, people on Medicare and those experiencing disabilities. Now we’re bringing even more people on board, with new options to help you sign up and save. Since 2018, we’ve invited people with low incomes to qualify to ride for less. Late last year, we expanded this benefit to another group of people: those with military service.

We’ve also made it easier to sign up for reduced fare, with a quick and easy process that you can complete in the privacy of your home. We believe everyone has a right to access transportation to connect with opportunities like work, school, healthcare and services. Why not give yourself a break and save big on your transportation costs? 

Honored Citizen fare: Reduce your transportation costs to no more than $28 per month

With TriMet’s Honored Citizen reduced fare, you can ride our buses and trains as much as you want, at a fraction of the cost. With Honored Citizen fare, 2 ½ Hour tickets are $1.40 and Day Passes are $2.80. That’s half the cost of Adult fare, a significant savings, but you’ll save even more with Hop Fastpass®.

With Hop, you will never pay more than $28 per month for unlimited access to our transit services. That’s 72% less than Adult fare, or $72 off the cost of an Adult Month Pass, which is currently limited to $100 per month.

Here’s another way of looking at it: With Honored Citizen fare and Hop, you can ride TriMet anywhere in our service area for an entire month, for less than the cost of a single tank of gas.

More than 60k sign up for income-based reduced fare in five years

Since 2018, more than 60,000 people have signed up to receive TriMet’s reduced fare for riders who qualify based on income. You also qualify, if you earn less than 200% of the federal poverty rate. For an individual in 2024, that’s more than $30,000 per year. You are also eligible for reduced fare if you participate in a program such as Oregon Health Plan (OHP) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Find a complete list of qualifying programs at trimet.org/income

While you’re there, go ahead and complete the short, online application for a reduced fare Hop card based on your income. Near the end of the application, you will see easy-to-follow guidelines for submitting a photo for your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card. TriMet will process the application and put your card in the mail. As soon as you have your card and load fare to your Hop account, you can start tapping, riding and saving.

Need your card sooner? Representatives at our Customer Support Center at Pioneer Courthouse Square can process your application, take your photo, print your card and help you load fare, all in one stop. The Customer Support Center is open Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Check trimet.org/income before you go, to make sure you have proper documentation.

Active-duty military, reservists and veterans qualify for Honored Citizen fare too!

In 2023, TriMet expanded enrollment options for our Honored Citizen reduced fare again, this time to allow active-duty members of the U.S. military, veterans and reservists to ride for less, in honor of their service. And now, we’ve also made it easier to sign up for the military benefit. Visit trimet.org/military to apply. The process is quick, easy and completely available online. Follow the instructions on the application to submit a photo and have your personalized Honored Citizen Hop card mailed to you. Or, come down to the Customer Support Center, and our staff can walk you through the process, take your picture and print your new Hop card. Please check the webpage to learn which documents to bring with you, before you head Downtown.

TriMet Customer Support Center at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Get a month of free fare!

Need more incentive to get signed up? Enroll today, and TriMet will reward you with one month of free fare! Please note that the free month promotion is only valid for the month in which it is issued, to help encourage people to get their Honored Citizen reduced fare Hop card and start using it as well.

Older adults, people on Medicare and those experiencing disabilities can still ride for less

If you’re over the age of 65 or on Medicare, you automatically qualify for Honored Citizen fare. Older adults and Medicare recipients should have their I.D. or Medicare card with them when they ride. People who are experiencing a verifiable mental or physical disability may also use TriMet’s Honored Citizen reduced fare. However, you must apply for and receive a personalized photo I.D. Hop card. Learn more about the process at trimet.org/disability.

Find additional details about our fares and our Hop Fastpass electronic fare system at trimet.org/fares.