Join TriMet in thanking the team that keeps our region moving!


TriMet will celebrate Transit Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 18, to give thanks to our operators, front-line employees and the staff who have worked on-site throughout the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our community going

Ronald Jackson, Bus operator

TriMet invites you to help us celebrate the team that keeps our region moving. This Friday, March 18, is Transit Employee Appreciation Day. Join us in giving a big “thank you” to the TriMet employees who deliver for our community day after day and have shown up on-site at our facilities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you say thanks to people who are always on the move, working to provide top-notch transportation to you, your friends and neighbors? A kind word, a smile or a wave can go a long way. We’ve also made it easy for you to post a message online at Whatever you choose, we ask that you don’t let the day slip away without showing these dedicated public employees appreciation for their commitment to a job well-done and a community well-served.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront the hard work and sacrifice of the people who make our public transit system a safe, reliable option for traveling throughout the region,” said TriMet General Manager Sam Desue Jr. “At TriMet, our employees are so good – they make this  hard work look easy! So, when you look around and see our community beginning to thrive as COVID-19 restrictions ease, take a moment to thank the thousands of transit employees who have worked so hard to get us here.”

A nod to operators and many others

Pamela, On-street customer service

We know that seeing your bus or train operator’s smiling face can be the perfect start or finish to a long day. But did you know that there are many more employees whose work led up to the moment the operator opened the door and said hello? Transit Employee Recognition Day appreciates the maintenance staff who topped off the fluids, changed the filters and made sure the bus was in good working order; the service workers who emptied the garbage, mopped the floor and sanitized high-touch surfaces; the facilities crew member who power-washed the station platform, called from graffiti removal or picked up a piece of trash from landscaping; the customer service representative who helped someone find their way. This Friday, let them know that you appreciate what they do, to help make our community a better place for everyone!

A tradition of appreciation

Rob Boos, Bus operator

Our annual day of appreciation falls on March 18, which is the day horse-drawn vehicles (the very first buses) are believed to have debuted in Paris in 1662. TriMet followed Seattle’s lead in starting to recognize “Bus Driver Appreciation Day” in 2012. Then, in 2018, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler signed an official proclamation declaring March 18 as “Transit Driver Appreciation Day” and encouraging all residents and riders to observe the day. 

From its humble roots, the day has come to be recognized across the country, as well as internationally. It is TriMet’s honor to support Transit Employee Appreciation Day in 2022. We are proud of all of our employees and what they do to improve the lives of countless people every day.