(VIDEO) TriMet riders to begin using new types of bus stations along Division Street


New bus stations built as part of the Division Transit Project will open to Line 2 riders on Sunday, February 20

Riders on TriMet’s Line 2-Division will begin using select Division Transit Project bus stations on Sunday, February 20. These stations are located on SE Division Street at 20th Avenue eastbound and westbound, 26th Avenue westbound and 112th Avenue eastbound.

The Division Transit Project lays the foundation for our new type of bus service—TriMet FX™, or Frequent Express, that will begin running on Sunday, Sept. 18. We’re opening these stations early to benefit Line 2 riders and improve access to safer crossings for all users. Other stations will open this spring.

Using the new stations

Pedestrian bypass design

Pedestrian Bypass design

The 20th & Division eastbound station uses a pedestrian bypass design, which is similar to a typical bus stop. For this station type, riders should wait on the station platform for the bus to arrive and can board when the bus is stopped with the doors open.

Pedestrian pass-through design

Pedestrian pass-through design

The 20th & Division westbound station and 26th & Division westbound station use a pedestrian pass-through design, which is also similar to a typical bus stop. For this station type, riders should wait on the station platform for the bus to arrive and can board when the bus is stopped with the doors open.

Shared bicycle and pedestrian design

Shared bike and pedestrian design

The 112th & Division eastbound station uses the shared bike and pedestrian design. Line 2 riders have been using this type of station at 130th and 135th and Division since March 2021. Cyclists, bus riders and people passing by share the space, with the bike lane near the front of the platform where the buses stop. Cyclists are required to stop when approaching the station at the “wait here” marking when a bus is stopped so riders can board or exit the bus.

The stations will be served by TriMet’s standard 40-foot buses for the time being. 

Station amenities, including shelters with TransitTracker™, seating and trashcans will be added to the stations before the new FX service begins.

“We’re excited to open these stations for Line 2 riders now for a better customer experience, and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we complete all the stations,  add in more amenities and get ready for the better bus service coming to the Division Street corridor,” said Division Transit Project Project Manager Michael Kiser.

Learn more about Division Transit Project’s four station types here.

FX—frequent, efficient and convenient

  • TriMet FX™—Frequent Express— will be a new high-capacity bus service for faster and more reliable trips. Green, 60-foot articulated buses will move more people faster and more efficiently. Transit signal priority and dedicated bus lanes at key locations will keep buses moving around congestion rather than being stuck in it.
  • Bus stations located where rider demand is greatest will minimize travel times while providing important transit connections.
  • Platforms with higher curbs mean less kneeling for buses, plus all-door boarding and space for bikes on board will reduce stop times.
  • Weather protection, seating and TransitTracker™ at stations make catching the bus more comfortable.
  • Longer, articulated buses have room for 60% more riders
  • Service every 12 minutes, and more often during peak hours, provides more convenient options for more people to get around.

Division Transit Project

Set to open in September 2022, Division Transit Project will bring faster and more reliable bus service to the 15-mile stretch of Division Street between Gresham, Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, and Downtown Portland.

Learn more about the Division Transit Project at trimet.org/division. For project updates, follow us on Twitter @divisiontransit.