(VIDEO) TriMet reminds riders to mask up, space out when taking transit to Trail Blazers games


COVID-19 guidelines remain in place as more sporting events open to a limited number of fans

Some Portland Trail Blazers fans will be able to return to the Moda Center this Friday, May 7, for the first time in over a year, and TriMet wants to remind those looking to take transit to stay safe and respectful by following our COVID-19 guidelines. Although the number of fans will be limited to 1,900, or about 10% of the Moda Center’s capacity, we do expect to welcome back a number of the Rip City faithful. For some, this may be their first trip back with TriMet since the start of COVID-19.

Even though more people every day are being vaccinated, TriMet is keeping all of our safety measures—including mask use and social distancing—in place right now to help riders and employees stay healthy. These measures are under the direction of the TSA and the Oregon Health Authority, whose public health expertise has helped us keep buses and trains running.

Riding during COVID19

  • On-board limits: The number of riders on board is limited to allow for social distancing. Those limits are posted near the doors. Seats are also marked off to help riders spread out from others.
  • Masks: Federal law requires wearing a mask on transit that covers your mouth and nose. TriMet has free masks available in dispensers on all of our vehicles, if you need a fresh one. Masks are also required at busy stations and stops.
  • Social distancing: Plan extra time and please be respectful and look for the visual cues about where to sit. Placards designating that certain seats be left open are located throughout buses and trains. If there is not enough room on board to spread out from others by 3 feet, please wait for the next bus or train. Another one should arrive soon.
  • Exiting: Please exit through the backdoor on buses to avoid coming into contact with those boarding at the front. On MAX, please wait for others to exit before boarding.

Extra staff on hand

As we have done historically before and after games, staff will be on hand to assist riders at stations. They will be located at Sunset Transit Center before the game, as well as Rose Quarter Transit Center and Interstate/Rose Quarter after, supporting riders and helping them reach their destinations. Due to our social distancing requirements, it is possible that some riders may need to wait for the next available train or bus, as the number of passengers on board is limited for spacing. We also ask that people spread out when they’re waiting on a platform. We thank our riders for their patience, and their understanding that space between riders prevents the spread of COVID-19.

Available to help

It’s exciting that live sports are returning to the region in a slow and thoughtful way. Since Providence Park reopened to some Thorns and Timbers fans in April, TriMet has been working to help people see the action in-person and enjoy the types of recreational activities that have been unavailable for the past year.

Because it’s been a while for some of our riders, we’re here to help them understand what to expect. For those who have questions, TriMet’s Rider Support team is here with answers. You can call or text 503-238-7433 (RIDE) between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. For more information on service and tips on planning your trip, or you can follow us on Twitter for the latest information and to have your questions answered.

For more information about what we’re doing to prevent COVID-19, go to our webpage trimet.org/health. TriMet thanks our riders for their understanding. To those planning to attend games, have fun giving the Blazers a boost during their remaining regular season games and, hopefully, into the playoffs.