(VIDEO) Planned Clackamas County development promises more affordable housing near TriMet MAX station


Part of the SE Fuller Road Station Park & Ride will be used to develop 100 new apartments and open the area to future growth

A new community in Clackamas County is poised to start taking shape just steps away from the SE Fuller Road MAX Station. TriMet is coordinating the project through our Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Program, and it will help connect more people to transit, create opportunities for family-wage jobs and prevent displacement.

In partnership with developers Geller, Silvis & Associates and Guardian Real Estate Services, as well as Clackamas County, the Fuller Road Station Apartments will take shape on part of TriMet’s Park & Ride site. Prior to COVID-19, the Park & Ride was 18% full.

Once constructed, the project will unlock nearby county-owned land that can be used for future mixed-use development. The 100-unit building will be entirely dedicated to affordable housing, with apartments priced for residents and families earning between 30% and 60% of the Area Median Income. The pricing follows the “one-third rule,” where it’s presumed tenants spend one-third of their income on housing. Twenty-five of the units will be set aside for families or individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness, including youth who have been through the foster care system. 

“The Fuller Road Station Apartments is the latest project to help achieve TriMet’s ongoing commitment to developing affordable housing near transit,” said TriMet Interim General Manager Sam Desue. “We are excited about this project, not only because it helps put people in homes, but it also shows the value of private-public partnerships of this kind and unlocks adjacent sites for more transit-oriented development in the years to come.”  

As part of the project, TriMet is setting aside land for Clackamas County to build a new street connecting the apartments to nearby areas. This will be among the first projects to be developed using the county’s Fuller Road Station Community Dimensional and Design Standards, which have been put into place to support the future development of this area as a walkable pedestrian district served by transit.

“The Fuller Road Station Family Housing project is an example of a developer making great use of the Regional Affordable Housing bond funds. We look forward to its completion so this housing can serve many of our residents and families in need of homes,” said Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas. “It’s especially notable that the project has a diverse range of units tied to varying income levels.”

Fuller Road Station

The affordable housing project will be located on a 2-acre plot at the southwest corner of the SE Fuller Rd MAX Station Park & Ride facility. As with other TOD projects, it will put the community first, emphasizing equity and addressing the region’s need for housing. 

The Fuller Road Station apartments will:

  • Feature 100 one-, two- and three-bedroom units
  • Be six stories—or 71 feet—tall
  • Include improvements to streets and public spaces
  • Be located less than 500 feet from SE Fuller Road Station

To enable the project to proceed, TriMet worked to relocate stormwater infrastructure that needed to be moved. With the sale of the property finalized on April 8, 2021, groundbreaking is scheduled to occur this year with the grand opening planned for the summer of 2023.

“We’re excited to have closed our financing and to be moving forward with our construction,” said Tom Brenneke, president of Guardian Real Estate Services. “Our Fuller Station development will bring 100 much-needed affordable apartments to Happy Valley. Distinguishing this project will be the supportive services offered to our residents. These services will enhance the living experience and go a long way to ensuring positive outcomes for all.”

What is transit-oriented development?

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is typically high-density and mixed-use, located within a half mile of transit. By developing on TriMet properties at and near our transit network, we can help promote equity and affordable housing goals while bringing more people to transit services. Working with community partners and private developers, transit-oriented development helps turn vacant spaces into vibrant communities.

Supporting equitable housing

In total, more than 300 units of new affordable housing are slated to become available in the coming years as a result of TriMet’s Transit-Oriented Development Program. This comes in addition to recently completed projects, such as the 189-unit Renaissance Commons, part of the City of Portland’s North/Northeast Neighborhood Housing Strategy, and the 175-unit Wy’East Plaza Apartments in the Hazelwood Neighborhood. Both are only a few hundred feet from transit, built on excess property sold by TriMet for the purpose of developing affordable housing.

TriMet’s Transit-Oriented Development program promotes partnerships with public, private and community groups and deliver new, equitable developments that best meet the needs of the community at each site. By transforming under-used or vacant parcels into places featuring a mix of housing, employment and recreation, all within walking distance of transit, we’re helping to create healthier neighborhoods for more people and reduce congestion.