The TriMet Ticket Office is your one stop to exchange old fares for Hop


Unvalidated foil-stamped paper and mobile tickets can be exchanged for Hop value at the TriMet Ticket Office Monday through Friday and on select Saturdays through the end of the year

TriMet is helping riders make the move to Hop Fastpass®, a faster and more convenient way to pay your transit fare. Dec. 31, 2019, is the last day we will accept foil-stamped paper tickets and tickets purchased through the TriMet Tickets mobile app. That’s why we’re helping riders switch to Hop. Visit the TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square, exchange your old tickets and get a free Hop card loaded with equal value.

TriMet Fare Revenue Specialist Jewel Martin

The ticket office is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. We’ll also be open this Saturday, Oct. 26, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and on select Saturdays through the end of the year. Employees like Fare Revenue Specialist Jewel Martin are on hand to help riders transfer their old fares to Hop.

“People are shocked by how easy it is,” she said. “It only takes about a three-minute transaction.”

Ticket office staff processed nearly 900 exchange transactions during the month of September. Riders stop by on the way to work or back home, but the lunch hour is typically busiest. You may want to plan a few minutes extra in case there’s a line. Some riders have a lot of tickets to exchange.

“I had 65 day passes, one 2½-hour ticket and a month pass I had forgotten about,” said a rider named Seth, who was one of those lunchtime customers. “It took a little while because I had to activate so many tickets, but once that was done, the process went pretty quickly.”

“I had a customer with the mobile tickets app,” remembered Jewel. “He had a total of $3,350!”

Fare Revenue Specialist Jewel Martin helps a customer transfer fare to Hop at the TriMet Ticket Office

Stop by or mail in

Riders can exchange all of the non-Hop paper or mobile fare they have on hand, but if the amount exceeds $250, we apply it to a separate Hop card. You also have the option to mail in paper tickets and still receive a free Hop card loaded with equal value. Print and complete this form, then send it to the TriMet Ticket Office. The process can take up to two weeks to complete.

TriMet announced plans to phase out most non-Hop paper and mobile tickets back in April, but with the end of the year fast approaching, riders are taking action.

“I found out via notification from the app and a couple of emails (from TriMet),” said Seth, who planned to keep using his phone to pay fare by converting his physical Hop card to a virtual card.

Riders can exchange unvalidated foil-stamped paper and tickets purchased on the TriMet Tickets mobile app at the TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square

Virtual or physical

Virtual cards now are available for Android and iPhone. Physical cards are also convenient, with more than 500 locations where you can load fare. With Hop, you earn passes as you ride, so there’s less upfront cost. Plus, you avoid paying for rides not taken, which also saves money. Hop guarantees you’ll never pay more than you should to use transit and offers benefits like lost-card protection for registered accounts. Visit to learn more.

Tap with every ride

Remember to tap your Hop card with every ride, even transfers. Hop readers are located on board buses and streetcars and outside on the platform at MAX, WES and The Vine stations. The tap is your proof of purchase.

Tap a Hop reader for every ride, including transfers, for proof of valid fare

“Seems pretty easy,” said Seth as he left the ticket office with his new Hop cards in his hand. “I just kind of ignored it because I still had the app. I’ve noticed other people tapping their cards as they got on. I don’t expect any problems.”