How one foot reduces delays for thousands of TriMet bus riders – and keeps autos moving too


Partnership between TriMet and PBOT prioritizes small projects that make a big difference, speeding up buses and reducing traffic-related delays

Lane size matters when it comes to keeping TriMet buses out of congestion. Last fall, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) made a small striping adjustment to the eastbound lanes of SE Division Street at SE 60th Avenue. By expanding the through-lane by just 12 inches, buses gained enough room to pass safely through the intersection any time they have a green light. Before the lane was widened, buses would get stuck behind autos turning left from Division. The re-striping project helped reduce delays on Line 2-Division by 23 percent during the evening commute and 10 percent all day. It also benefited autos, giving them more room to move around those turning too.

About Line 2-Division

Line 2 is TriMet’s third busiest bus line, with riders hopping on more than 9,300 times each day. The line stretches 14 miles between Pioneer Courthouse Square and Gresham Transit Center. Line 2 is one of TriMet’s 20 Frequent Service bus and MAX lines, with vehicles departing every 15 minutes or less most of the day, every day. It follows much of the same route that will be served by the Division Transit Project, which will improve speed and reliability through the corridor even more. Construction is set to begin later this year.

Working together to make transit better

Through a strategic partnership and commitment to make transit better, TriMet and PBOT are working together to speed up buses and keep them on time. Since September 2017, PBOT has completed 12 small, inexpensive improvements to lanes and intersections that have reduced bus delays caused by traffic congestion. Combined, they improved reliability and performance on 12 bus lines, cutting traffic-related delays by as much as 58 percent.

Working with TriMet and Metro, PBOT has also launched Central City in Motion, a $30 million plan to improve transportation in Downtown Portland, benefiting communities across the metro area. The first Central City in Motion project on SW Madison helped speed up five TriMet bus lines that serve riders from North Portland to Gresham and Estacada. The project grew out of the Enhanced Transit Corridors concept. The comprehensive plan is designed to make transit faster and more reliable, to help address the region’s growth and traffic congestion.

Enjoy the ride

When transit is safe, efficient and dependable, it’s a better option for getting to work, school, appointments and entertainment. The more people ride, the fewer cars are on the road. As a result, we can all enjoy less traffic congestion, cleaner air and more vibrant, livable neighborhoods. Plan your next trip at