TriMet’s new buses, new look coming soon


Sixty-four new buses for Fiscal Year 2019 to roll out with new paint scheme and other improvements

TriMet’s getting ready to roll out dozens of new buses. The Gillig 3900-series buses feature a number of upgrades to benefit riders and employees. They will also debut a new look for TriMet! The buses have a base of our classic blue with a splash of bold, orange striping on either side. The new buses will grow TriMet’s fleet size to 712 and bring our average fleet age to about five years. Funding for the 64 new buses was included in our Fiscal Year 2019 budget.

Showing our colors

Orange stripes give a nod to TriMet’s original bus fleet

We’re freshening up our look with a paint scheme that reflects TriMet’s nearly 50-year history in the community, while drawing on some current trends in the transit industry. Solid colors are popular, and we chose blue as the base because it’s considered soothing. As for the orange? It’s a throwback to the color of TriMet’s original bus fleet. 

Rider improvements

The new buses also incorporate features to improve the rider experience. Those include:

“Porch lights” illuminate exterior entry and exit points
  • Additional exterior lighting near the doors for improved visibility in low light.
  • Upgraded speakers for crisper operator and stop announcements.
  • Sound-reducing material to help muffle mechanical noise.
  • Enhanced skid plates on wheelchair ramps for added traction.

Operator safety panels

Another notable addition to the new buses is the safety panel around the operator’s seat. The panel includes an adjustable window that the driver can open or close based on their preferred level of security. TriMet tested the panels and took feedback from operators for more than a year before moving forward with plans to install the panels on all new buses. Six buses already have them, and nearly 500 buses in our fleet will be retrofitted with the enhanced security system over the next five years.

In with the new, out with the old

TriMet’s 2200 and 2300 series buses were added to the fleet in 1999

Some of the new buses will replace older vehicles that served our community for decades. We’ve started retiring the 48 buses that made up our 2200 and 2300 series. They were added to the fleet in 1999 and feature TriMet’s classic Maroon logo and striped paint design. On average, they’ve charted nearly 900,000 miles a piece. Their longevity is a testament to our dedicated maintenance staff, which works tirelessly to keep our vehicles operating at optimal safety and performance levels.

More buses, more service

Gillig 3900-series bus featuring TriMet’s new color scheme

We need more buses for the new and expanded service we’re planning into the future. In the fall of 2018, we launched the largest single expansion in bus service in our history. Now, we’re preparing for another round of service improvements, coming in March. Included is an extension of Line 24-Fremont across the Fremont Bridge to Northwest and Southwest Portland and a new bus line to serve Clackamas County. With funding from the Keep Oregon Moving law, TriMet will continue to build on recent enhancements to deliver more and better service for years to come. Visit to see what’s in store.