Hop Fastpass® speeds past 20 million taps!


Popularity of electronic fare card on the rise as TriMet accelerates roll out of Hop system

Just 18 months after its public launch, Hop Fastpass® saw its 20 millionth card tap. That’s 20 million times riders in the Portland-Vancouver metro region took steps toward saving money on their transportation costs. Hop is the electronic fare card for TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar. It works like a gift card, with the added benefits of a loyalty card.

With Hop, you earn passes as you ride, so there’s less upfront cost. Plus, you avoid paying for rides not taken, which also saves money. Hop guarantees you’ll never pay more than you should to use transit and offers benefits like lost-card protection for registered accounts.

Lots of “Hop”portunities

With so many ways to tap your way to savings, it’s easy to get on board with Hop.

  • Physical Hop card – Purchase a plastic Hop card or load value at 500 retail locations across the Portland metro area. Some locations are cash-only or load-only, so check before you go using the interactive map at com. In addition to loading cash to the card in person, you can add funds with a bankcard at myhopcard.com or with the Hop mobile app, available for Android and Apple smartphones. Remember to tap with every ride.
  • Virtual Hop card – Last year, Hop became the world’s first account-based, regional transit fare card, available in Google Pay. The technology gives riders with Android phones, the option to download a virtual Hop card through the Hop app, store it in a mobile wallet and tap their phone to ride. The virtual card works just like the physical card and comes with all of the benefits of Hop.
  • Apple, Google and Samsung Pay – Any smartphone equipped with Apple, Google or Samsung Pay, linked to a valid bankcard, can be tapped to a Hop reader to pay the fare. Mobile wallet payments provide limited benefits of Hop, including the ability to earn day passes.
  • Hop tickets — Last month, TriMet started converting all 246 ticket vending machines in our system to Hop. The machines dispense 2 ½-hour or one-day, disposable Hop tickets. Hop tickets can’t be reloaded, but they should still be tapped to a Hop reader with every trip and transfer.

Converted Hop ticket vending machine

Tap with every ride

Hop reader

No matter how you Hop, it’s important to tap with every ride, and keep tapping for free trips earned after reaching the cost of a day or month pass. A tap provides proof of valid fare. It also helps us better understand aggregate ridership trends and patterns. Hop readers are located on board buses and streetcars, and they’re on every station platform for MAX, WES and C-TRAN’s The Vine.

Sunsetting the mobile ticketing app

We’re sunsetting our mobile ticketing app this year. As part of the process, we’ve added a registration feature to the app for new ticket purchases. We will use this as a tool to share information with riders as the process moves forward.

Exchange tickets for Hop

If you’re ready to make the switch to Hop but still have paper tickets on hand, we can help. Exchange unvalidated, foil paper tickets for Hop value at the TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We are also making plans for a number of pop-up ticket exchange events in 2019. Check our Facebook page often to find an event near you.

Hop Fastpass – a better way to pay!

Our Hop electronic fare system has received national recognition for its cutting-edge technology, security and unique rider benefits. It’s the next generation of transit fare, offering a cash-free, hassle-free option that’s valid throughout the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Learn more about Hop and why it’s a better way to pay.