New TriMet bus line to connect people with jobs between Tualatin and Sherwood



City mayors join TriMet in announcing first ever direct bus line between Tualatin and Sherwood

After months of work and conversations with the communities of Tualatin and Sherwood, TriMet and the mayors of the cities are proud to announce the first ever direct TriMet bus line between the heart of Tualatin and Sherwood.

The new line, which is currently expected to begin running in June 2016, is part of the service improvements TriMet has planned throughout the region to connect people with jobs and services. During the last few years, the agency has been reaching out to stakeholders, businesses and residents for their input in how to make transit better in their communities. TriMet is incorporating those recommendations into Service Enhancements Plans that provide a 20-year vision for future service improvements as funds become available. This new bus line comes from our Southwest Service Enhancement Plan.

“With more people and more jobs coming to our region, transit plays a key role in keeping our economy moving,” said TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane. “This new bus line is an important step to improving transportation options and providing a direct link between the thriving Tualatin and Sherwood areas.”

The mayors of both cities and their constituents have been pivotal in helping shape and bring this new line to fruition. It will run from the Tualatin WES Commuter Rail Station to the Sherwood Town Center, serving important employment sectors including Tualatin’s downtown and industrial areas along with the Sherwood Old Town business district and the new Sherwood Center for the Arts.

“We are excited that TriMet is adding new service to connect people to jobs, enhance the mobility of the aging population and provide a vital transit connection to Sherwood!” said Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden. “This leaves me optimistic that our partners are working hard to help us improve the overall livability of the Tualatin community.”

“TriMet has listened to the citizens of Sherwood,” said Sherwood Mayor Krisanna Clark. “I am extremely excited about the new line as it will provide better and important connectivity for our citizens to get to and from the business sectors and employment opportunities in Washington County.”

TriMet will dedicate approximately 5,200 service hours annually to the new line. Initially the service will run about every 30 minutes during the weekday morning and evening commutes. Additionally, our Southwest Service Enhancement Plan calls for future service improvements that could include midday service and an extension of the line to Bridgeport Village and SW 72nd Avenue in the future.

The new bus line will operate in conjunction with the Tualatin Shuttle operated by Ride Connection. The Tualatin Shuttle, which is funded through federal dollars, is a prime example of how alternate transportation can connect to bus and rail lines and maximize transit services for workers. With the new bus line, TriMet and Ride Connection will look at possible adjustments to the Tualatin Shuttle route and opportunities to connect more jobsites and neighborhoods.

Next steps

Before service on the new line can begin next year, much work needs to be done. TriMet staff must research route options and travel times, as well as employment shifts to create schedules that best serve commuters and connect with other transit services. In the next year, TriMet will work closely with the cities of Tualatin and Sherwood, and Washington County to locate and construct bus stops, and improve pedestrian crossings to get riders safely to the stops.