TriMet board approves extending transfer time by 30 minutes


Change takes effect on March 1

The TriMet board of directors today approved an ordinance to extend transfer times from the current two hours to 2.5 hours for all bus and train trips. The change will take effect on March 1, 2015.  

The issue of extending transfer times was first raised by the community advocacy group OPAL. When first proposed, it was during the great recession and at a time when the agency was cutting service and raising fares to fill budget gaps, and it was unable to pursue it.

TriMet’s ticket/transfer policy requires that a rider need only board the last vehicle of their trip before their transfer/ticket expires; they do not need to complete their trip before it expires. The expanded transfer time is expected to increase ridership. An independent analysis determined that the change would mean an estimated $1.2 million loss in revenue.