Calling all developers: participate in the TriMet data hackathon June 25


Round two of TriMet’s Open Data Developer Series

TriMet is excited to announce its first data hackathon, Wednesday, June 25. The hackathon, which will be the second event in TriMet’s Open Data Developer Series, is an opportunity for developers to work together to enhance transit applications building on innovative data and ideas.

Anyone with an interest in transit applications is encouraged to participate in the event. The TriMet hackathon will be part of the 2014 Open Source Bridge conference, June 24-27. TriMet will hold the event during this year’s conference on Wednesday, June 25, starting at 6 p.m. in the Hacker Lounge at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland.

The Open Data Developer Series is a partnership between TriMet, the Technology Association of Oregon, Isite Design, INIT, Tait Communications and Metro.

Visit TriMet’s Open Data Developer Series page or the Open Source Bridge conference page to register.

Potential to improve rider experience
Developers will have the opportunity to incorporate new transit data, such as passenger load capacity and congestion information, into mobile applications to give riders more on-street information.

The expansion of shared translation tools will help facilitate the release of multilingual transit applications, to get transit information to a much broader audience while leveraging agency resources. Additionally, regional sources for data and software can generate new applications to encourage active transportation in conjunction with Metro’s Bike There program.

TriMet’s Open Data Developer Series
This series is a collection of three events designed to promote the use of transit, information related to transit and expand on TriMet’s developer resources.

During the first event, held in September of 2013, more than 65 developers and technology professionals along with transit leaders from across the nation, gathered in-person and virtually with TriMet staff to brainstorm the next innovations in transit applications. The series finale and celebration will be held this fall.

TriMet – a pioneer in open data
TriMet took an innovative approach to developer engagement by becoming the first transit agency in the world to release its data to the public in early 2005.This set the bar for transit agencies worldwide. By December of that year the first two TriMet third-party apps were released.

In early 2007, TriMet set up an official Web page with resources for third-party developers.

TriMet was proud to tout 25 apps on the TriMet app page in early 2009 that were using the agency’s developer resources. Now, with more than 50 apps, riders can utilize apps to plan trips, get real-time vehicle locations and check arrival times. Platforms include Android, Windows Phones, web and mobile web, iPhone, iPod and iPad products.

All apps have been created specifically for TriMet at no cost to the agency. Independent software developers have created these free and commercial applications which are available via the TriMet website.

About Open Source Bridge
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