TriMet’s commuter rail reaches record ridership


WES ridership jumps 10.3 percent during summer quarter; Systemwide ridership down for the quarter

WES Commuter Rail ridership set a record this past quarter with weekly ridership jumping 10.3 percent compared to 2012. WES averaged 1,930 rides per weekday during the summer quarter (June through August). Additionally, weekend bus ridership saw minor gains.

Systemwide, ridership dropped 5 percent to roughly 24.6 million rides in the last quarter. Weekday bus ridership was down 3.5 percent to approximately 181,000 per day, and MAX ridership was down 7.4 percent to approximately 123,100 rides per weekday, compared to the same period in 2012.

The drop in MAX ridership is mostly attributed to the elimination of the Free Rail Zone. For the last year, TriMet has been comparing ridership numbers to a time when the Free Rail Zone was still in effect. The agency predicted a decline in ridership due to the elimination of this fareless zone and recent annual ridership numbers nearly matched agency projections.

TriMet will be interested to see what ridership data will yield for the fall quarter as it will be the first apples-to-apples ridership comparison since the elimination of the Free Rail Zone in 2012.

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