NEWS RELEASE: Senate passage of HB3316


TriMet issued the following statement regarding Senate passage of HB3316 calling for a performance audit of the agency conducted by the Secretary of State:

TriMet supports the bill and welcomes a performance audit conducted by the Secretary of State’s office. We will be fully responsive as the audit proceeds.

Our financials are independently audited each year, and we regularly undergo outside audits and reviews by state and federal agencies. These reviews provide important validation on the direction of the agency, but can also point out ways to improve our operations. We hope the Secretary of State’s audit will provide that same validation or recommendations on ways to improve related to recent questions raised about our finances, union contact, non-union compensation, governance and transparency, and other issues.

Transit is a critical service to this community, connecting people to work, school, doctor appointments and other life activities. About 330,000 times a day someone boards a TriMet bus or train. As we focus on continuous improvement, we look forward to the Secretary of State’s findings and ways to improve our overall operations for the benefit of our riders and the entire community.