TransitTracker for MAX trains disrupted by auto crash at the Rose Quarter Transit Center


Oct. 4 incident destroyed key equipment that feeds train travel information systemwide; fix likely to take 2-3 weeks

Oct. 4 auto crash destroyed TriMet equipment box at Rose Quarter Transit Center. No one was reported injured in the crash.

A single-automobile crash at the Rose Quarter Transit Center on Thursday, Oct. 4 destroyed key communication equipment for the MAX system, disrupting TransitTracker. The equipment feeds train tracking information to the TransitTracker system. Since the crash, TransitTracker for MAX trains systemwide can only show scheduled arrival times. The crash itself did not involve TriMet.

Repair crews had hoped to replace the communication equipment in a few days, but they found the existing version of the equipment is no longer available and a brand new version must be installed. Because of this, it will likely take two to three weeks to put the new equipment in and integrate the software into the TransitTracker system. TriMet appreciates MAX riders’ patience until the issue is resolved.

Systemwide impact to TransitTracker for MAX

The crash occurred in a location that is key to the rail TransitTracker information. All MAX lines pass through the Rose Quarter Transit Center. The device not only generates information for all the lines, it gathers data for a large geographic area. This is why TransitTracker for MAX has been impacted systemwide. Mobile apps also use this data and will show scheduled arrival times. Crews are looking into possible short-term solutions to provide estimated times at some locations.

How TransitTracker works

TransitTracker is a tool to give riders a prediction of when the next train or bus may arrive.  For MAX, a device in the rails sends information to the TransitTracker system when a train passes over it so the system generates a prediction on when the train should reach specific stops. When there is a problem generating that information, the system posts scheduled arrival times rather than estimated arrival times.

No other impacts

Despite the damage to the equipment at the Rose Quarter Transit Center and the impact to TransitTracker information, MAX travel is not impacted. Trains are able to safely move through the area and communications between trains and controllers is not affected.

Plan ahead

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