Techie TriMet: 50 transportation apps now available to help riders get where they need to go


Milestone marked by new apps page on

TriMet reaches a major milestone in the number of mobile applications riders can use to navigate the system. With the addition of five new apps, there are now 50 third-party apps available to aid TriMet riders including helping them track bus and train arrivals. Independent software developers created these free and commercial applications that use TriMet’s open data and are available to users through

In 2005, TriMet was the first transit agency in the world to release data to the public. The first two TriMet third-party apps, Transit Surfer by Chris Smith of Portland Transport and Google Transit, were released that December. In July 2007, TriMet set up an official Web page with resources for third-party developers (

By early 2009, TriMet listed 25 apps on that were using the agency’s developer resources. As of January 2011, the total application count was 39; today it is 50, more than most of the transit agencies in the United States.

To mark the milestone, TriMet has redesigned the app page on to make it friendlier for users by allowing riders to sort the applications depending on the specific device they are using.

“50 applications is a major milestone; comparatively, King County’s Metro transit has 31 apps linked to their website; LA Metro and Chicago Transit Administration have 33 and 31 respectively,” said Bibiana McHugh, TriMet IT Manager GIS and Location Based Services. “It really shows how important TriMet is to our riders and that there is great demand for applications relating to transit in the metro area.”