Celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day!


Say “thanks” to your bus or rail operator on March 17

TriMet bus and MAX operators deliver 315,000 trips a day, getting our riders safely to their destinations. Because of our operators, riders can read, relax and surf the net while getting to work, school or other activities.

On Friday, March 17 we’re celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day (although it’s officially on Sat., March 18) when more riders and operators are on the system. It’s a great time to say “thanks” to our 1,500 operators who keep our riders and the region rolling!

“Operators have a challenging job, but most make it look easy, that’s how good they are,” said TriMet Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey. “They operate a 110-ton MAX train or maneuver a 40-foot bus on busy streets, answer questions, give directions, watch out for other vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, all with good customer service, and most important, doing it safely. I want to thank all of our operators who provide a great service every day.”

Kelsey is asking riders to give an extra shout out to our operators on Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The public can visit our online comment wall to leave a commendation and also see what other riders are saying about their operators.

Kelsey noted that one of the comments sums it up perfectly.

“Thank you to all the bus drivers and MAX operators! Thank you for working in the ice/snow, weekends, nights, holidays to get us where we need to go! Thank you all for your professionalism, great customer service and safety!!”
Carmelina, rider

“Khris on the line 4 is so nice and professional and he’s always on time getting me home and always has a smile!”
Kathy, Line 4 rider

“When I get off the train or board the train, I like seeing the MAX operators working each day. And I like to thank every MAX operator for an amazing job.”
Bobby, MAX rider

“I want to thank all of the wonderful drivers of the #6, 8, 17, 24, 56, & the 77, as well as the MAX operators! You all keep smiles on your faces, keep up good conversation, & have excellent customer service! TriMet is lucky to have u!! If it weren’t for u, it would be just another bus ride…” Nana, bus rider 

“I moved to Portland in 2005, I have been on a lot of TriMet buses, the driver that stands out above all the rest is Brian, he is the nicest most helpful driver I have ever met, he gives the greatest customer service, he’s very knowledgeable about Portland, if you are lost or need directions, he can tell you what stop to get off and where to transfer, I can’t say enough good things about him, when I’m on his bus, I know I’m in good hands.”
Janet, bus rider

Show appreciation on Friday, Saturday or any day
Riders can send in a commendation at any time via email or by calling 503-238-RIDE (7433) weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.