Businesses jump on the MAX Orange Line bandwagon (VIDEO)


Mobile scavenger hunt, Orange Marks the Spot, connects players with local businesses as well as cool prizes

TriMet’s MAX Orange Line is full speed ahead during the first week of service, getting people to jobs, schools, services and activities. Among those hopping on the Orange Line bandwagon – businesses that know that the new light rail line will bring new customers to their doorsteps.

At Wine 30, located in Milwaukie’s historic downtown about a ¼ mile from the Milwaukie/Main St Station, general manager Sonny Jensen is ecstatic about what the newest MAX line will bring.

“It’s great exposure,” says Jensen. “It’s eyes on businesses that haven’t been seen or have been overlooked. I think there are so many great businesses in Downtown Milwaukie and people really trying to do something different. So it is good exposure and positive for the community.”

Further south along the Orange Line, the owners of Zombie Coffee love their proximity to the SE Park Ave Park & Ride. Located in the Milwaukie Elks Lodge parking lot and just a short stroll from the station, they believe the Orange Line will benefit their business and others.

“It’s going to make it easy for people to gain access to the local companies, whereas before they would have to drive and find parking. Now they really don’t because they can just hop on the MAX and jump off and be right there in downtown Milwaukie or right here at Zombie Coffee,” said Tina Petrich who owns the business with her husband Greg.

Mobile scavenger hunt connects riders with local businesses

TriMet’s mobile scavenger hunt, Orange Marks the Spot, is a win-win. Players get the chance of winning cool prizes while visiting businesses along the Orange Line. The game, which launched on the Orange Line opening day and runs through Sunday, Sept. 20, has been drawing new faces to businesses like Zombie Coffee and Wine 30.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Rebecca, a South Waterfront resident who along with her husband was “collecting” Orange Spots at Wine 30 and the neighboring K. Marie shop. “It’s taken us places that we wouldn’t have otherwise gone, like downtown Milwaukie.”

The mobile scavenger hunt is built into the newest version of the TriMet Tickets mobile app. Just download the free app, or upgrade to the app version released last week, and click on “O Marks the Spot” in the navigation drawer. The game uses the phone’s Bluetooth to connect with beacons located inside nearly 100 businesses near stations along the Orange Line. Collect orange spots and you’re entered in daily prize drawings – some 28 prizes awarded daily – and the grand prize drawing for one of three pairs of roundtrip tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines flies. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to play, and hurry, the game only runs through Sunday!