Ready for a Bloomin’ Good Time? TakeTriMet to Rose Festival fun


Extra service added for busy Rose Festival parade days

It’s Rose Festival time in the Rose City and TriMet’s getting ready for a busy and Bloomin’ Good Time.

CityFair kicks off with dance party & fireworks

The Rose Festival fun kicks off this Friday, May 22 with the opening of CityFair at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. There will be rides, food, a dance park and a fireworks display. Enjoy the night and leave the driving to TriMet!


  • Twenty bus lines and all MAX lines serve the Portland City Center, and drop you a short distance from Waterfront Park.
  • Remember, fares are required on all TriMet vehicles throughout the system. Don’t bother watching the time. Buy a Day Pass. It’s the same cost as two 2 ½-Hour tickets.
  • Go mobile! Download the free TriMet Tickets app to buy fares for your family. No need to keep track of your tickets; they’re stored in your phone. Learn how easy it is.
  • The Hawthorne Bridge will be closed during the fireworks, detouring five bus lines – 4, 6, 14, 15 and 33 – from 9:30 p.m. through about 10:30 p.m.

Everyone loves a parade!

Parades will weave through the Portland City Center in the upcoming weekends, and if tradition holds true, the parade days will be TriMet’s busiest days of the year. First, the Starlight Run & Parade light up the night on Saturday, May 30. Then, the centerpiece of the Rose Festival – the Grand Floral Parade – will be a crowd-pleaser on Saturday, June 6.


  • All bus and MAX lines will run on Saturday schedules, but extra service will be added for the parades as needed.
  • The parades will lead to some bus detours and bus/MAX delays. Check before heading out.
  • As our Park & Rides closer to downtown Portland usually fill up first, consider one a little further out. Visit for all our locations.
  • Buy Day Passes when heading to the parades to avoid long lines afterwards. TriMet staff and volunteers will be at several MAX and bus stops to provide help and sell tickets. Or don’t worry about keeping track of your paper tickets; try out the free mobile ticket app.
  • Expect long waits for MAX trains following the parades, especially the Starlight Parade as everyone attempts to head home at the same time.
  • Avoid bringing big strollers on MAX. With huge crowds expected for the parades, those with a big stroller may have to wait longer to find space on the trains.

Ships ahoy! Rose Festival Fleet sails in

Ships and other-fleet related vessels have been making Portland their port of call since the very beginning of the Rose Festival back in 1907. Fleet Week begins Wednesday afternoon, June 3 when the ships arrive. They leave on Monday morning, June 8. Both the arrivals and departures could lead to MAX delays due to Steel Bridge lifts. Plan extra time if riding MAX on those days.

Plan ahead

There’s more Rose Festival fun for you and the family. Go to to learn about all the different events. Then, head to TriMet’s online trip planner that makes it easy to plan your trip with information on travel and walk times, transfers and cost. Visit, or for smartphones.