Changes to installation of e-fare infrastructure means some downtown MAX stations will remain open during construction


Work begins Monday, March 16 at Oak/SW 1st Ave and Civic Dr stations; platforms remain open at both stations

Beginning Monday, March 16, riders may see workers on some MAX platforms laying the groundwork for TriMet’s upcoming state-of-the-art electronic fare system. The e-fare system will make it faster, easier and more convenient to ride the bus or train. Initially, it appeared that the construction to install the infrastructure for e-fare would require one-week closures of all MAX platforms in downtown Portland; however, our contractors have now determined that some platforms can stay open during the work, while others may still require a full platform closure.

Oak/SW 1st Station to remain open during e-fare construction

efare-readerThe e-fare construction begins on Monday at the Oak/SW 1st MAX Station. The work will take about two weeks and the platforms will remain open, except for small work zones that will be blocked off. Work will take place from about 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Work will also take place during that time at the Civic Drive MAX Station in Gresham. Stations outside of Portland City Center were never slated to be closed during the construction and that remains the case. Trains will continue to serve the stations during the work.

During the construction, workers will be trenching and laying conduit for e-fare card readers that will go in at a later date. TriMet expects to launch e-fare system wide in 2017. This new system will incorporate easy-to-use contactless cards that will allow riders to quickly pay their fare by tapping against card readers at rail platforms and on board buses.

For a tentative schedule of construction at stations go to The schedule will be updated frequently.

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