TriMet ridership increased 3.2 percent in fall 2014


Bus ridership climbs 6.3 percent following investments in frequent service

Line72-3000busRidership on TriMet buses and trains increased 3.2 percent in fall 2014 over the same quarter the prior year. Bus ridership, especially on our Frequent Service lines, continues to climb, posting a 6.3 percent increase.

TriMet has 79 bus lines, but trips on our 12 Frequent Service bus lines account for more than half of all bus ridership. During the fall quarter, ridership rose 6.6 percent on those lines. The increase came after the agency extended 15-minute or better service on the lines into the evening hours on weekdays in September. Since September 2013, TriMet has invested $11.2 million in service improvements, the agency’s first service expansions since the great recession.

Ridership declined on rail in fall 2014, when there were a number of planned and unplanned service disruptions.

Below are the fall 2014 quarterly ridership numbers:

Bus, MAX & WES

  • Quarterly trips were up 3.2 percent to 25,094,960
  • Weekly trips were up 3.2 percent at 1,956,300
  • Weekday trips were up 3.1 percent to 323,400
  • Weekend trips were up 3.5 percent to 339,300
  • Peak trips were up 3.2 percent to 104,800


  • Quarterly trips were up 6.3 percent to 15,724,500
  • Weekly trips were up 6.3 percent to 1,226,800
  • Weekday trips were up 6.3 percent to 205,600
  • Weekend trips were up 6.4 percent to 198,800
  • Peak trips were up 5.7 percent to 66,900


  • Quarterly trips were down 1.6 percent to 9,247,800
  • Weekly trips were down 1.5 percent to 720,000
  • Weekday trips were down 1.8 percent to 115,900
  • Weekend trips were down 0.2 percent to 140,600
  • Peak trips were down 0.6 percent to 36,000


  • Quarterly trips were down 6.8 percent to 122,660
  • Weekly trips were down 9.1 percent to 9,500
  • Weekday were down 9.1 percent to 1,900

We are hiring!
TriMet is hiring new bus operators to meet growing service expansions, including the opening of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project, and to provide the service improvements listed above. If you are interested please visit: