Catching a westbound train at Rose Quarter Transit Center? Head to the middle platform


Platform change goes into effect Tuesday, Oct. 21

TriMet is changing how trains run through the Rose Quarter Transit Center. Westbound MAX Blue, Green and Red line trains will be running on the center track and serving the middle platform beginning Tuesday, Oct. 21. Schedules will not be affected.

Currently, trains run on the northern track and serve the platform attached to the northern sidewalk. The operational change reduces the use of the rail switch that guides trains into the station. By cutting back on its use, we lessen the possibility of mechanical issues until it can be replaced. The switch, installed in 1986 as part of the original Eastside MAX Line, is scheduled for replacement in the second half of 2015.

TriMet is informing riders of the change through customer service outreach and updated signs at the transit center. Fencing will close off the northern platform; however, we will reopen it at times for big events, such as Portland Trail Blazer games, to handle the additional crowds.

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