Track improvements continue along the MAX Blue Line


Once complete, Gresham MAX rail will provide smoother ride and quieter trip

Last week, TriMet crews began MAX rail maintenance work in Gresham to improve the ride on the MAX Blue Line by smoothing out the rails. The process called Surface and Lining, will stabilize the ride and provide a much quieter trip for customers.

The project consists of crews adjusting and leveling out the track ballast. The track ballast is typically made up of crushed stone, is packed between, below and around the ties. This ballast forms the track bed and supports the ties and track.

Wear and tear from regular train activity and settling over time can create low spots in the ballast. When the settlement occurs, it is necessary to pack ballast underneath sunken ties to level the track out again.

The project began work along the westbound tracks, moving from 181st Ave toward 148th Ave. Work along the eastbound track is now being completed, working from 148th Ave toward 181st Ave. The majority of the work will be completed after revenue service, Sunday nights/Monday mornings thru Thursday nights/Friday mornings.