TriMet Board appointments announced


Today, TriMet Board President Bruce Warner announced new member roles and committee chair appointments following the recent departure of two Board members.

Board Member Dr. T. Allen Bethel has been appointed to fill the role of Vice President vacated by Board Member Tiffany Sweitzer. Board Member Consuelo Saragoza has been appointed to fill the role of Board Secretary vacated by Board Member Steve Clark.

Board Member Craig Prosser has been appointed to chair the Finance and Audit Committee, a position previously held by Sweitzer. Board Member Travis Stovall has been appointed to the Finance and Audit Committee. With Stovall’s new role on that committee, Board Member Joe Esmonde will replace him on the ATU/TriMet Pension Trust Committee.

Every two years in February, the Board adopts a resolution confirming Board appointments, but due to the recent vacancies the Board needed to move the appointment process up. The appointments will be formally approved early next year.

About the TriMet Board of Directors
The seven-member TriMet Board is appointed by the governor and sets policy for the agency as well as appoints the general manager, implements legislation pertaining to transit operations, and reviews and approves certain contracts. Board members are volunteers and can serve up to two four-year terms. For additional information about the TriMet board, visit