58 apps and counting!


TriMet and developers working together to help riders navigate the transit system

Whether you’re planning transit trips in advance, or need transit info on the go, TriMet has an app for you. TriMet and third-party tech developers have recently added thirteen new TriMet applications riders can use to navigate the transit system. This latest addition now brings the total to 58 third-party apps that riders can use.

TriMet App Center

TriMet App Center

With just a few clicks, riders can use the thirteen new apps to plan trips, get real time vehicle locations and check arrival times. Platforms include Android, Windows Phones, web and mobile web, iPhone, iPod and iPad products.

These thirteen are the latest in a long line of apps created specifically for TriMet, all at no cost to TriMet. In 2005 TriMet took an innovative approach to developer engagement by becoming the first transit agency in the world to release data to the public, setting the trend for transit agencies everywhere. In December of 2005 the first two TriMet third-party apps, Transit Surfer by Chris Smith of the Portland Transport blog and Google Transit, were released.

In early 2007, TriMet set up an official Web page with resources for third-party developers. By early 2009, TriMet listed 25 applications on the TriMet app page that were using the agency’s developer resources.

As of September 2012, the total application count was 50. We’ve now reached 58, the second highest for transit agencies in the United States, following New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“We understand that there is a great demand for transit and applications related to transportation in our region,” said TriMet IT Manager GIS and Location Based Services Bibiana McHugh. “We continue to grow. We are rapidly approaching the 60 mark and we are committed to working with third-party developers to create new resources for our riders.”

Independent software developers have created these free and commercial applications which are available via the TriMet website.