TriMet launches the trial of TriMet Tickets mobile ticketing app this week


Some 150 beta testers will be among the first in the nation to use mobile ticketing on a multimodal transit system
AppLaunchingTriMet plans to launch the beta test of the much-anticipated TriMet Tickets mobile ticketing app this week. Some 150 riders were chosen from more than 1,500 applicants to test the mobile application powered by GlobeSherpa. They will become among the first riders of a multimodal transit system in the U.S. to use a mobile ticketing app. The TriMet Tickets app will allow those riders to conveniently buy fares anytime and anywhere from their smartphones to ride buses, MAX trains, WES Commuter Rail and the Portland Streetcar.

The beta testers represent a cross section of riders based on demographics, type of mobile device and operating system, credit/debit card type, trip purpose, fare type, frequency of transit use and use of buses, trains or both. They will be testing the app for about a month, providing feedback through surveys. Some will take part in focus groups. Once the beta test is completed and feedback incorporated, we expect to launch the mobile ticketing app to all our riders later this summer.

TriMet Tickets to make riding buses, MAX and WES even easier

When the mobile app becomes available this summer, riders will be able to:

  1. Download the free app
  2. Register a debit or credit card in the secure system
  3. Purchase tickets and passes instantly
  4. Tap “use”

Purchasing MyTickets Ticket

Mobile fares system reduces operating cost

The TriMet Tickets mobile ticketing app is being developed by local software startup GlobeSherpa. It will save the agency money by reducing the operating cost associated with printed and cash fares. It also brings TriMet one step closer to a state-of-the-art electronic fare collection system that will eventually provide all riders – not just those with smartphones – with easy and convenient ways to pay their fare.

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