TriMet provided more than 23 million rides during winter 2012/2013


TriMet operators provided more than 23 million rides during the winter 2012/2013 quarter. TriMet bus operators were behind the wheel for more than 14 million of those rides during December, January and February.

Driving a bus isn’t an easy job; our operators just make it look that way. So TriMet is encouraging riders to join us in celebrating International Bus Driver Appreciation Day on Monday, March 18. Make a point of saying “thank you” or go to and print out a “thank you” card to sign and give to a driver.

The average weekly ridership was down overall across the system by 3.4 percent during the winter quarter. Weekly bus ridership was up by 1.3 percent, including a 5.2 percent increase for weekend trips. WES ridership continues to grow with weekday trips up 3.8 percent. MAX weekday trips were down 11 percent. Much of that decrease is attributed to the elimination of the Free Rail Zone and an increase in fare enforcement efforts.

All figures below are for winter 2012/2013 and are compared with winter 2011/2012.

Bus, MAX & WES

  • Quarterly trips were down 5.2 percent to 23,145,690
  • Weekly trips were down 3.4 percent to 1,844,050
  • Weekday trips were down 4 percent to 305,430
  • Weekend trips were down 0.6 percent to 316,900
  • Rush-hour trips were down 6.4 percent to 94,930


  • Quarterly trips were down 0.7 percent to 14,444,000
  • Weekly trips were up 1.3 percent to 1,152,600
  • Weekday trips were up 0.6 percent to 193,200
  • Weekend trips were up 5.2 percent to 186,600
  • Rush-hour trips were down 3.4 percent to 60,100


  • Quarterly trips were down 12.1 percent to 8,602,000
  • Weekly trips were down 10.5 percent to 683,300
  • Weekday trips were down 11.1 percent to 110,600
  • Weekend trips were down 7.9 percent to 130,300
  • Rush-hour trips were down 11.7 percent to 33,200


  • Quarterly trips were up 0.8 percent to 99,690
  • Weekday/rush-hour trips were up 3.8 percent to 1,630
  • Weekly trips were up 3.8 percent to 8,150

Plan ahead

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