Fares increase for ADA LIFT rides


Second phase of planned increases takes effect April 1

LIFTandMAXLIFT paratransit fares increase by 30 cents on Monday, April 1, 2013, bringing the cost of a one-way trip to $2.45. Last year, the TriMet Board of Directors approved a phased-in increase each year until LIFT fare reaches the same level as an adult 2-hour ticket for fixed-route buses and trains, which is currently $2.50. In phase one in April 2012, LIFT fares went up by 30 cents from $1.85 to $2.15.

TriMet LIFT fares for the door-to-door paratransit service are low compared to peer agencies. While the LIFT cash fare is increasing to $2.45, the cost to TriMet is approximately $30 per ride. The ADA allows paratransit fares to be a maximum of twice the cost of a fixed-route fare or up to $5.00.

Most transit trips taken by people with disabilities and the frail elderly are on fixed-route buses and trains. More than 102 million trips were taken on buses, MAX and WES in Fiscal Year 2012 compared to about a million trips on LIFT.

LIFT fare increase phase-in

Current April 2013
LIFT Cash/Ticket Fare $2.15 $2.45
LIFT Pass (unlimited use) $62.00 $72.00
LIFT 20 Ride Punch Card (10¢ discount) $41.00 $47.00

A fixed-route adult 2-hour ticket is $2.50, a day pass is $5 and a monthly pass is $100. Once LIFT cash fares match the fixed-route 2-hour ticket fare, both will increase at the same rate going forward.

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