TriMet to return to regular service at Clackamas Town Center on Friday morning


NOTE: Buses will detour out of the mall lot in the afternoon for planned holiday detour

TriMet’s Clackamas Town Center Transit Center and mall bus stops will return to regular operations at the start of service Friday. The transit center’s parking lot will be open. MAX Green line trains will service the transit center platform. And, buses will be serving the transit center stop as well as the two bus stops inside the mall parking lot near the movie theater.

Beginning at 1 p.m., the buses will once again detour out of the parking lot, using the same routing and serving the same temporary stops as they have been since Tuesday afternoon’s incident. TriMet had planned afternoon detours Friday, Dec. 14 through Sunday, Dec. 16 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. to avoid severe delays due to the busy holiday shopping weekend. Buses that regularly travel through the parking lot have been caught up in the holiday congestion – some for up to two hours – in years past. TriMet detoured the buses during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last month and removing the buses from the lot reduced congestion for shoppers while allowing buses to stay on schedule. TriMet is planning additional detours for other busy shopping days.

Bus detours – lines 28, 29, 30, 31, 71, 72, 79, 152, 155, 156

Buses will not serve the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center (stop ID 13248) and the Clackamas Town Center Mall stops (stop IDs 12921 and 12922) near the movie theater from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m.:
–       Friday through Sunday, Dec. 14 – 16
–       Friday through Monday, Dec. 21 – 24
–       Wednesday, Dec. 26

The buses will travel on Monterey Avenue and serve a temporary stop on Monterey near the parking lot entrance by the movie theater. Temporary stops will be posted in both directions.

MAX/Bus riders

To connect bus riders with the MAX Green Line, the buses will serve a temporary stop at the SE Fuller Road MAX Station, about a five minute ride from Clackamas Town Center. Riders who normally transfer from the MAX to buses at the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center can catch the buses at the Fuller Road Station or get off at the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center and walk about a half mile to the temporary stop on Monterey Avenue. See maps and get more details.

Signs will be posted at the Clackamas Town Center Transit Center directing waiting riders to the temporary bus stop. Signs will also be up at the Fuller Road Station as well alerting riders to the change. Train operators will also make announcements at the two stops.

Plan ahead

TriMet’s online trip planner makes it easy to plan a trip, with information on travel and walk times, transfers and cost. Visit, for smartphones.