TriMet employees turn elves; help Buster Brown make it back home for the holidays


Bus operator spots lost dog running in traffic; supervisors deliver this “package” home

BusterBrownBuster Brown may have busted out of his yard but TriMet employees made sure he made it back home for the holidays. Line 14 bus operator Chera Collings spotted the dog in traffic on SE Foster Road near 94th just before 9 a.m. The beagle was brought onto the bus while Collings called TriMet dispatch. A dispatcher contacted the Multnomah County Animal Control, but no one was available to come get the dog. So riders fawned over the little wet dog, and a vet tech that just happened to be on board checked him over until a supervisor could catch up to the bus.

TriMet Road Supervisor Jerry Zornado met up with the bus near SE 50th and Lincoln. The dog had a collar with his name – Buster Brown – a phone number and an address on the tag. Zornado tried calling the number. No one answered so he put the dog in his vehicle and drove about three miles to the dog’s house. No one was home, but there was a note on the door asking that packages be delivered to the back. What is a more important “package” than a lost dog? So, TriMet Lead Supervisor Jim Waddington, who was nearby, met Zornado at the house and the two men lifted the dog over the fence and into his backyard.


Buster Brown gets a ride home from TriMet Road Supervisor Jerry Zornado.

Zornado and Waddington spotted the hole that the dog likely used for his escape and plugged it up with some flower pots and other items. With a wag to his TriMet buddies, Buster Brown was off. They saw him dart through the doggie door and into his house, happy to be home and maybe a little hungry and thirsty from his big adventure. What took TriMet employees less than a half hour, the dog’s owner Jennifer Estevez calls a huge Christmas present for both her and 12-year old Buster Brown. To the TriMet “elves” Estevez says, “Thank you so much for taking the time to not only rescue him but for making sure he got home safely. That was above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate it so much!”