Help spread the word! Don’t get stuck with tickets you can’t use!


TriMet holds a special ticket exchange event on Dec. 7 & 8

When the ball drops on December 31st, you may as well use your old TriMet tickets for confetti because time will have run out to exchange them for valid tickets. Before that happens, help TriMet spread the word especially to infrequent riders: Older tickets – those without the foil strip as well as 1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets – need to be exchanged for new ones.

Two-day, ticket trade-in event – Dec. 7 & 8

TriMet is holding a two-day ticket trade-in event on Friday, Dec. 7 and Saturday, Dec. 8 at the TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. While riders can exchange their tickets at the ticket office during regular business days, TriMet will have dedicated staff on Friday, Dec. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to handle exchanges. The ticket office is adding special hours on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for ticket exchanges.

Older tickets

Non-foil ticketsNon-foil tickets
TriMet has been alerting riders all year that unused tickets without a shiny foil strip need to be exchanged for new ones. The foil or hologram strip is a security feature to deter fraud. In the past year, more than 235,000 of the old tickets have been exchanged.


1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets
In September, TriMet ended the zone system and moved to a simpler “go-anywhere” fare system. Since the change, 1-Zone and 2-Zone tickets are no longer valid without an upgrade. Riders can upgrade the zone tickets for 40 cents, either on a bus one at a time or in bulk at the TriMet Ticket Office, but that ends December 31st.

Help spread the word

While those who ride regularly likely have already turned in or upgraded their old tickets, help spread the word to family and friends who don’t ride regularly. There’s only thirty days left to exchange the tickets. Learn more at

Plan ahead

TriMet’s online trip planner makes it easy to plan a trip, with information on travel and walk times, transfers and cost. Visit or on smartphones.