Good news: Real-time TransitTracker information for majority of MAX system back online


Real-time information for trains traveling between Oak/SW 1st Ave and Lloyd Center MAX station still impacted

TriMet has restored TransitTracker for the MAX system, providing real-time arrival information for most trains throughout the system the majority of the time.

TransitTracker has only been showing scheduled arrival times for MAX trains since Thursday, Oct. 4 when a single-automobile crash destroyed communication equipment at the Rose Quarter Transit Center. While a new device is currently being shipped, technicians have determined TransitTracker can display real-time information for trains nearly all of the time, at most platforms.

Real-time TransitTracker arrival information

Reader boards and monitors, as well as online and mobile applications are now showing real-time information for:

  • Yellow Line
  • Blue and Red lines except for about a mile-and-a-half section from Oak/SW 1st Ave Station to Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave Station
  • Green Line except for about a mile-and-a-half section from SW 5th & Oak St Station to Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave Station

Scheduled TransitTracker arrival information

Riders will continue to see only scheduled arrival times for the following stops:


  • Rose Quarter Transit Center
  • Convention Center
  • NE 7th Ave
  • Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave


  • Convention Center
  • Rose Quarter Transit Center
  • Old Town/Chinatown
  • Skidmore Fountain
  • Oak/SW 1st Ave

Southbound (Green Line only)

  • SW 5th & Oak St
  • NW 5th & Couch St Station
  • Union Station/NW 5th & Glisan St.

Gap in train travel information

The devices between the Steel Bridge and Lloyd Center MAX Station that generate train travel information still cannot communicate with the TransitTracker system. When Blue, Green and Red line trains pass through that area (about an eight minute stretch) their real-time information cannot be sent to the system.

TransitTracker will continue to countdown arrival times based on the last information received from the trains. Once trains leave the affected area and pass over a device that can communicate to TransitTracker, real-time arrival times for those trains will be updated throughout the system. Riders waiting at a station may see estimated arrival times jump forward or back a few minutes when that happens. TransitTracker online and mobile app users would see the same adjustment.

TransitTracker statistics

In August 2012, TransitTracker requests for both bus and MAX totaled 2.125 million. The statistics are not separated by mode and do not indicate whether requests for information were for buses or trains.

Plan ahead

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