TriMet’s Robertson Tunnel/Washington Park platform double as the D.C. subway this Sunday on Leverage


Electric Entertainment’s crew for the TNT show filmed in TriMet’s tunnel and Gresham rail facility in June

This Sunday night, September 16, TriMet’s Robertson Tunnel along with the Washington Park MAX station and platform double as the Metro subway system in Washington, D.C. on the TNT show Leverage. The show is shot and set in Portland, but for the summer finale episode that airs this Sunday, the setting is Washington, D.C. Instead of flying cast and crew to D.C., the production used TriMet’s tunnel and the Washington Park platform under the west hills to stand in as the Metro subway.

The MAX schedule made for some creative thinking. Because MAX trains run through the tunnel 19 hours or more a day, the crew had to work during the overnight hours when no trains were scheduled. Also, the production crew set up shop in a room at TriMet’s Ruby Junction Rail Operations Center in Gresham. Using the magic of television, a MAX train in the room appears to be a moving train in the subway. The set up began Monday, June 18. It took crews more than 30 hours to stage the room and transform the Washington Park MAX platform and trains.

The actual filming took place over 30 hours from Thursday, June 21 through Saturday, June 23. Electronic Entertainment reimbursed TriMet for the use of the facilities as well as the employees involved in the planning and facilitation of the filming.

Learn more about how the episode was filmed at and get a look at some exclusive behind the scenes footage from this explosive finale episode. And, be sure to catch the back-to-back, Leverage episodes this Sunday at 9 p.m. on TNT.