Westside maintenance work continues with closures planned at Beaverton Park & Ride lots and stations


Pavement work will close or partially close Elmonica, Merlo, Beaverton Creek and Millikan Way lots and/or Quick Drop areas

Maintenance work will affect Park & Rides along the MAX Blue Line in Beaverton beginning Aug. 28. Crews will be sealing the pavement and restriping the lots. The work will require full or partial closures of the lots as well as Quick Drop areas. The same work was recently done at Hillsboro Park & Ride lots.

Partial Park & Ride lot closures

Approximately half of each of the following lots will be closed during the pavement work:

Tuesday, Aug. 28 through Friday, Aug. 31

  • Elmonica/SW 170th Ave Park & Ride
  • Beaverton Creek Park & Ride
  • Use lots at Willow Creek/SW 185th Ave Transit Center (595 spaces) or Millikan Way (400 spaces, although this lot does tend to fill up early).

Park & Ride entrance closure

Sunday, Sept. 2

  • Beaverton Creek Park & Ride
  • The main entrance from SW 153rd Dr. to the lot will be closed. Use alternative entrances on SW 153rd south of the main entrance or on SW Millikan Way east of 153rd.

Full Park & Ride lot/drop-off area closure

Saturday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 9

  • Millikan Way
  • Use lots at Beaverton Creek (417 spaces) or Elmonica/SW 170th Ave (435 spaces).

Quick Drop area closures

Sunday, Sept. 9

  • Merlo Rd/SW 158th Ave.
  • Beaverton Transit Center
  • Riders should plan accordingly since there is no nearby alternative to pull over and drop someone off. They should also avoid stopping on the tracks, which is both unsafe and illegal.

Plan ahead

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