WES Commuter Rail reaches record ridership


Bus ridership continues to grow

During July, more than 8.6 million trips were taken on TriMet buses, MAX and WES Commuter Rail. WES reached a new record high with 1,770 trips per day. Since service began in February 2009, WES ridership has grown every month, with weekday trips up 9.3 percent in July. For 11 straight months, weekday bus trips have also continued to climb, up 1.6 percent to 190,400 trips in July.
All figures below are compared with July 2011.

Bus, MAX & WES

  • Weekly trips were up 0.1 percent to 1,993,950
  • Weekday trips were up 0.2 percent to 324,170
  • Weekend trips were down 0.3 percent  to 373,100
  • Rush-hour trips were up 0.1 percent to 98,270


  • Weekly trips were up 1.9 percent to 1,124,900
  • Weekday trips were up 1.6 percent to 186,900
  • Weekend trips were up 3.5 percent to 190,400
  • Rush-hour trips were up 0.5 percent to 57,600


  • Weekly trips were down 2.2 percent to 860,200
  • Weekday trips were down 1.7 percent to 135,500
  • Weekend trips were down 3.9 percent to 182,700
  • Rush-hour trips were down 1.0 percent to 38,900

MAX Green Line

  • Weekday trips were down 2.1 percent to 23,400
  • Weekend trips were down 2.2 percent to 27,000


  • Weekday/rush-hour trips were up 9.3 percent to 1,770  *New Record*
  • Weekly trips were up 9.3 percent to 8,850  *New Record*

Trip tools – TransitTracker

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