TriMet advises riders to prepare for hot weather


Plan ahead; stay hydrated; check before you go

With temperatures rising this weekend, TriMet reminds riders to prepare for the heat and stay hydrated. High temperatures could lead to some minor service delays.

High temperatures can affect the MAX system in two ways: the overhead power wire may sag a bit and rails may expand, so trains may need to slow in higher speed sections to ensure the wire and the rails are not damaged.

  • When temperatures rise into the 90s, trains traveling in speed zones above 35 mph will need to run 10 mph slower. This will impact some segments of each of the MAX lines and create minimal delays to overall service.
  • If temperatures climb above 100 degrees, trains cannot go faster than 35 mph throughout the system. This will create 10-15 minute delays throughout the system.

Plan ahead

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