TriMet reminds people to be alert around MAX trains/tracks


Near miss involving an elderly man and a MAX train provides an important reminder

Pay attention near MAX trains/tracksTriMet wants to remind riders and pedestrians to be alert and pay attention around MAX Light Rail trains as well as obey warning devices.

This comes after a near miss at the Gateway Transit Center in Northeast Portland Tuesday, May 29. An elderly man avoided being injured due to the quick actions of a MAX operator.

TriMet surveillance video shows the MAX Blue Line train at the platform. After the doors closed, the operator sounded the bell twice, per standard procedure. The video shows the headlights on the train come on; another indication that the train is ready to proceed. As the train begins to roll, the elderly man, using a walker, continues into the path of the train without looking for an approaching train or obeying the safety signs and warnings. The operator quickly deployed the emergency brake and stopped the train before striking the man. A nearby man on a bicycle helped the elderly man move back out of the path of the train.

Be alert, be safe

TriMet is reminding the public to stay safe by looking both ways before crossing MAX tracks and obeying safety signs and warning devices. When trains are about to move or depart a station, trains sound a warning bell. People should wait and allow the train to pass before crossing.

MAX trains weigh 110 tons and cannot stop on a dime.

  • At 5 mph, it takes about 30 feet to stop.
  • At 15 mph, it takes about 110 feet to stop.
  • At 35 mph, it takes about 415 feet to stop.

Each day, TriMet provides 330,000 trips on its buses and trains; MAX provides more than 130,000 of those.