Sunday is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day


Great opportunity to thank your operator in person and online

TriMet bus and MAX train operators drive a combined 525,000 miles a week. That’s the equivalent of more than 21 trips around the earth. In a week’s time, those operators provide nearly two million rides.

International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

On March 18, International Bus Driver Appreciation Day, TriMet wants to recognize the more than 1,200 operators who keep the transit system rolling each day. Our bus operators maneuver a 40-foot long, 19-ton vehicle through often crowded and tight streets in any type of weather, to safely deliver riders where they need to go. Learn more at


On average, more than seven riders a day pick up the phone or go online to commend a TriMet operator. Here are a few commendations received in the past few weeks:

“My driver is the friendliest, welcoming and careful driver I have ever had the pleasure of driving with. She is safety cautious, deploys the lift for in-need passengers with a smile on her face and makes everyone who boards feel welcomed and appreciated.” – Line 62-Murray Blvd rider

“Haven’t had Chris before as a driver. I would’ve remembered. She was cheerful and pleasant to everyone – smiled and greeted us as we got on the bus. Knowledgeable about other bus/MAX routes and gave explicit instructions to the two people who asked for help, then made sure that they understood. Each got off with a smile. I got off with a smile, too.” – Line 33-McLoughlin rider

“John is always friendly, and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone on the bus is safe and comfortable. I always look forward to riding his bus! He is a valuable asset to TriMet!” – Line 75-Cesar E Chavez/Lombard rider

“I’m a bike commuter and was in the midst of an awful ride home (a flat, then broken tool, then a wheel falling off and finally rain). She was patient with me and kind, which put me in a good mood. And, the bus was way better than walking 44 blocks. I’m so grateful she was there to get me home!” – Line 9-Powell/Broadway rider

Show Appreciation Sunday, Monday or Any Day

Since the International Bus Driver Appreciation falls on Sunday this year, feel free to observe it on Monday as well by saying a special “thank you” to your bus or rail operator either day. You can also submit an official commendation for an operator at any time at or by calling 503-238- RIDE (7433) weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.